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Party Invite…

fab-five-logo-e1397403514389I’m not quiet sure how the Big Book Little Book Blog birthday manages to creep up on me each year, but lo and behold, I turned a few pages ahead in my diary and there it was “July 15th Big Book Little Book 5th Birthday!!”

Our firth birthday is the perfect opportunity to revitalize the blog, re affirm our connections in the book loving community and re launch our Fabulous Five feature.

Five Fabulous Books is an original Big Book Little Book.
The aim of the feature is to showcase fabulous books with connecting themes, there by promoting reads we have enjoyed and share recommendations for similar books.

We are looking for people who would be willing to write Fabulous Five guest posts for Big Book Little Book to feature during our birthday month.
Links to your own website/ blogs/ twitter and a bio will be included with your post.

For people who prefer to only write content for their own platforms we are inviting people to post their own Fabulous Five posts in July.

Feel free to copy and paste our Fabulou5 graphic or create one of your own. If you create your own Fabulous Five posts all we ask is that you link back to Big Book Little Book.

Make sure that you leave a link to your post in the comments below or in the Fabulous at five linky we will provide, so that we can check out your recommendations and include you in our birthday wrap up post.

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Happy 4th Birthday Big Book Little Book

Big Book Little Book is FOUR !!In actual fact we turned four yesterday but It sort of crepe up on us a. I can’t quiet believe it that it has been over four years since Big Book Little Book was conceived and our first review went live. Seriously, where has that time gone?!

I don’t think that I can truly express how much being a part of this blog means to me. There have been times over the last four years when I have wondered if it is really worth the time investment, but no matter how busy I am, how hetic life gets, I can’t quiet say goodbye to this project.

When I first helped to co-create this blog it was all about the books. As the years have passed it has become more and more about people.

When you think of a book worm you probably conjure up images of a lone person( yourself?), snuggled away in a quiet corner somewhere absorbed in another world. It isn’t necessarily a hobby that your would consider as being particularly sociable. While I still cherish the solitary activity of reading (even more so in a busy and growing household) the thing that I adore about being a member of the BBLB team is how it is the opposite of solitary.

It is so satisfying to work with such a dynamic team. Although the team is quite fluid with regards to the actual team members and how much time and input each of us are able to provide, we are all united in our passion for the written word. My regular book chats and emails with my fellow BBLB’s really enrich my week

Outside of the team, being a member of BBLB has opened up my world beyond my geographical social circle. It has allowed me to share my passion even further, from passing interactions with fellow bibliophiles via the comments box and social media, through to more meaningful friendships “in real life”. I’ve met and regularly interact with some amazingly creative, passionate and diverse people from all walks of life and from around the globe.

Wether this is your first visit, you are a regular commentator or you are one of my best bookish friends, thank you for being a part of this experience.

Now I’m going to hand over to some of the others as they share the things they love about Big Book Little Book and why they enjoy being a part of the team. I promise I haven’t paid them 😉 *blushes*

Caroline x

I love blogging because it’s great to get lots of people to read books that I know are good and I don’t want others to miss out! Books are an integral part of my life and I love to read so I need to spread the love! Happy birthday Big Book Little Book! Here’s to another bookish year!

My favourite thing about BBLB is that it covers more than one section or genre, there’s something for everyone at any age. I also love the team and how it ranges in ages too. It’s got a great static page that promotes the site well. But mostly I love BBLB because Caroline isGreat to work alongside, she’s incentive, creative and passionate. All brilliant things in a team leader.

Well another Blogaversary has rolled around and it continues to be great to be a part of Big Book Little Book this year. Although I have found getting around to writing has got harder, (why does that happen when you have more time on your hands?!) I have continued to love the mixture of books I have had the chance to read. I still get that thrill out of seeing a book before it is on the shelves in the shops, or electronically whizzing out to us these days. As my children are getting older and we move on from picture books I have loved seeing them delve into books that I adored as child, it reminds you how much good stuff is out there to be looked forward to.

On top of that I was especially excited to see our name get mentioned in The Guardian as one of the top ten book blogs (check out the full list here)

I still remember the original four of us sitting around my kitchen table discussing what we could do and the possibilities, I don’t think any of us imagined it could get that far. So this year I am proud of our achievements and all who have contributed from the original team through the changes to those now faithfully doing a lot more than I am ☺

So it’s BigBookLittleBook’s 4th anniversary and as a member of this lovely team I’ve been asked to write a few lines to explain what I enjoy about book blogging and why. Firstly and foremostly a big WHOOOOOPWHOOOOP!!! I haven’t been with them long but it’s privilege and such an achievement!!! Book blogging and reading are a means of an escape to an alternate reality full of wonderful characters I can pick and choose who to be and whose adventures to follow. But not only that I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet the minds behind them both old dab hands and new ones grasping their pens for the first time. And it’s all so exciting! But it doesn’t stop there. As if that weren’t enough the blogging community made up of publishers, bloggers, fans and so many more is simply lovely and I’ve made so many new friends (real and fictional :p) who have stuck by me through the good book times and the not so good ones. Brought into this community and supported by our fearless reader errrmmm sorry I mean leader :p Caz, the reasons for which I enjoy book blogging are countless. And now if you don’t mind I have another book or two hundred to read 😉

To celebrate we are giving one international reader the chance to win one book of their choice ( up to the value of £10).
To enter, simply tell us your favourite thing about Big Book Little Book.
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Happy Birthday Big Book Little Book!

I’ve loved blogging over the last 6 or so months, a latecomer to the Big Book Little Book crew; they have been such a welcoming bunch with a true passion for reading. I am incredibly lucky that a huge part of my job means that I get to talk about fantastic books and encourage people to read them. Blogging has allowed me to take that to another level. It also gives me the opportunity to talk to others that are passionate about reading, something that doesn’t always happen at work. And what is even more fantastic is that there are many, many more books out there to read and review. I can’t wait to get started.

Photo: Alison’s place of work!

Post by Alison

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Happy Birthday Big Book Little Book!

Caroline asked us to write something about what blogging has meant to us this last year I was actually quite stumped! Don’t get me wrong, I have loved being a part of Big Book Little Book, but I hadn’t really thought about why I enjoyed it. After all I have always loved books and still relish talking about them with anyone who will listen, and even reply! So how has blogging been special

Well after a little reflection I have realised that I have revelled in writing about books again. After my Degree I didn’t think I would ever do that again, (or maybe even want to!) but it seems I have actually missed it. There is something about formulating your thoughts into some kind of cohesion and finding that right word to express yourself that is very satisfying. On top of that it has been wonderful to share my thoughts with other people and find that they are interested enough to read them and even give such nice feedback. I love sharing books on this whole new level.

In addition I have gotten to read some great stories, some in advance of their official release. It is a privilege and so exciting to know you are reading a story before many others even get to see the book. One of my highlights has to be getting an ARC copy of Abandon to read. It was a great novel (I am still impatient for the next instalment) and I felt so lucky to get to share my thoughts on it so early on in its life. It’s thrilling to know that it is still our most read post, even if it because the book is so popular not because of my writing ☺. It’s still exhilarating to know people out there are reading my views on it.


So in conclusion it has been an exciting year and I have had a brilliant blogging time. I take my hat off to Caroline for keeping us all on track and for all the hard work she has poured into to making this successful, thanks for asking me to be part of it. Here’s to next year and many more after that!!

Photo: Inspiring the next generation of bookworms!

Post by Helen

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International Prize Pack

We really appreciate our international readers but due to postage prices and the fact that we are funding these giveaways ourselves the international prize pack consists of items easily posted overseas!

One lucky International reader will receive:
A Witch In Love Postcard Signed by Ruth Warburton
Dark Parties Book Mark Signed by Sara Grant
Department 19: The Rising Postcard (Unsigned)
Die For Me Bookmark Signed by Amy Plum
Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel Postcard (Unsigned)
Magnus’s Vow by Cassandra Clare A Short Story set during The Mortal Instruments (Unsigned)
Night School Postcard Signed by C J Daugherty
The Mortal Instruments cotton shopping bag (Unsigned)
Until I Die Bookmark Signed by Amy Plum

To enter simply comment on any of our posts.
With over 200 posts there are plenty of opportunities to have your say.
For our loyal followers, old comments count too!
For your comment to count as an entry you must enter the name of the post in the Rafflecopter device below.
While you are there why not check out how you can earn extra entries!
ONE comment on ONE post = ONE entry to ONE giveaway.
You can enter five comments per day for the duration of the giveaway.

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Happy Birthday Big Book Little Book!

Blogging on Big Book Little Book over the last year has been a lot of fun. I love reading and have enjoyed being able to write about the books that I’ve loved. As a result of being involved in the blog, and meeting up with my fellow bloggers to talk books, as well as drink coffee and eat cake of course, I’ve ended up reading books I may have not considered in the past and have found myself trying out and enjoying different genres. Reading with my kids is a regular part of our day and I love perusing the shelves of various bookstores looking for new books to read with them and of course then review for Big Book Little Book! It’s been a fun experience, and long may it continue!
This Photo is of where I do most of my reading… Snuggled up in bed. Honestly it’s the only place I get any peace and quiet from the family!Post by Lesley

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The YA Prize Pack

I doubt that it has escaped your notice that all of  the reviewers of Big Book Little Book have a particular fondness for YA books. Our Love Books Will Travel posts also demonstrate the high regard in which we hold YA authors. To reflect this we have put together a YA Prize pack of Goodies we have collected from our Love Books Will Travel adventures.

The YA Prize Pack (UK Postal addresses only)
A Witch In Winter by Ruth Warburton Signed Paperback and Signed A Witch In Love Postcard
Dark Parties by Sara Grant Signed Paperback
Night School by CJ Daugherty Signed Paperback
Soulless by Gail Carriger Signed Graphic novel
Until I Die by Amy Plum Signed paperback and Signed Die For Me Book mark

One lucky UK based reader will receive all five signed books, one signed bookmark and one signed postcard.
To enter simply comment on any of our posts.
With over 200 posts there are plenty of opportunities to have your say.
For our loyal followers, old comments count too.
For your comment to count as an entry you must enter the name of the post in the Rafflecopter device below.
While you are there why not check out how you can earn extra entries!
ONE comment on ONE post = ONE entry to ONE giveaway.
You can enter a maximin of five comments per day for the duration of the giveaway.

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Happy Birthday Big Book Little Book

Has it been a year already?! Next you’ll be telling me it’s less than 6 months until Christmas…oh wait! Like any parent, I’m so proud of how our BigBooklittlebook (BBlb) blog baby has grown in just one year. I’ve loved how being part of this blog has made me dedicate more time to reading and given me the opportunity to socialise with likeminded bibliophiles and meet fantastic authors in the flesh too!

Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to read our posts, super squishy hugs for those that are following us and full on snogs for everyone that has commented on any of our posts – they really are so appreciated and motivates us to carry on.
This is a picture of my two kids reading, ‘The fearsome Beastie’ by Giles Paley – Phillips. It’s been read so often, Becca knows most of the words off by heart. A review will come when I find the right words to do the book justice! When you see your kids having the same wonder and enthusiasm for a much loved book as you have for reading, it kinda makes all the effort worthwhile 🙂
Post by Karen

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Big Book Little Book Prize Pack

Here at Big Book Little Book we adore books of all shapes and sizes. From brightly coloured picture books through to the classic’s, we can’t get enough! The Big Book Little Book prize pack represents this diversity of book love.

The Big Book Little Book Prize pack contains (UK postal addresses only)
A Picture Book: A signed and doodled copy of Stuck by Oliver Jeffers (Paperback)
A Middle Grade Book: A signed copy Of Ash Mistry And The Savage Fortress by Sarwat Chadda (Paperback)
A YA Book: A Signed copy of The Name Of the Star By Maureen Johnson (Paperback)
An Adult Book: A Signed Copy of Whispers UnderGround by Ben Aaronowitch (Hardback)

One lucky UK based reader will receive all four books.
To enter simply comment on any  of our posts.
With over 200 posts there are plenty of opportunities to have your say.
For our loyal followers, old comments count too!
For your comment to count as an entry you must enter the name of the post in the Rafflecopter device below.
While you are there why not check out how you can earn extra entries!
ONE comment on ONE post= ONE entry to ONE giveaway.
You can enter five comments per day for the duration of the giveaway.

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Happy Birthday Big Book Little Book!

Today marks a whole year of blogging! I can’t quite believe it.

Having been brought together through mutual motherhood we found that more often than not the conversation drifted away from child related topics, into the domain of book discussions and recommendations. Wanting to further share our passion for books and the joy of reading with our children, we decided to create Big Book Little Book.

Big Book Little Book has seen quite a few changes over the year.

While we were all sad when Jane had to step down from the blog, we were blessed when the fabulous Alison agreed to step in her stead. Alison quickly proved herself to be an invaluable member of the team, devising and executing our Carnegie and Greenaway Awards feature.

We are very excited with the addition of both Izzy (9) and Daisy (11) to the junior team; I can’t wait to see what books capture their attention.

One of the biggest and challenging changes has been our move to this gorgeous, new purpose built WordPress site. Although the hard graft of the big move is complete it may take a couple of weeks for us to unpack all of the boxes and arrange the furniture! A massive thanks goes out to Webmaster Ed and Graphic designer Emma for all of your hard work. I promise that we will take good care of your baby!

Our passion for young adult books has been truly indulged by the wealth of wonderful YA titles on the market today. Unfortunately this has come at the expense in our Adult book reviews. Wishing to address this neglect we have decided to commit to an additional review each week. Henceforth we will post three reviews each week: a children’s book review (Monday), a YA book review (Wednesdays) and an Adult book review (Fridays).

While we will continue to post our ad hock features including, Love Books Will Travel event reports and our foodie Novel Nibbles posts we look forward to introducing you to our new feature: Self Published Sunday.

Having been lucky enough to work with some fantastic publishers, we have enjoyed the privilege of reading some awesome books ahead of their release dates. It has been particularly exciting to read and promote the work of some amazing debut authors.

We were very excited to have the opportunity to team up with so many dedicated UK bloggers for the Insurgent launch and we are looking forward to taking part in future blog tours.

For me personally it’s been an absolutely fantastic but busy year. When we first agreed to start this blog as a team I completely underestimated the amount of time I would spend formatting and publicizing reviews and not forgetting the time suck of social networking! My hat goes off to those bloggers working alone or in smaller teams. I really don’t know how you manage it. I am in awe!

Hands down the most exciting part of book blogging has been the wonderfully inclusive UK book blogging community. I have met some amazingly talented and wonderfully friendly bloggers. There is nothing quite like connecting with your own people and I feel like I have made some really genuine friendships.

I’ve had the (overexcited) honor of meeting some fantastically talented, warm and personable authors. Who have not only shared the inspiration behind their published work but also their writing methods and writing advice. I would recommend attendance at author events to any aspiring writers.

Although I attended book events prior to blogging, the highlight of my blogging year, having brunch with my favorite YA author Maggie Stiefvater, was only possible through book blogging.

Last and no means least, I have had the opportunity to share my passion for books, for reading and for reading with children, with all of you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and comment on our reviews.

Photo: Caroline’s towering TBR pile!

Post by Caroline

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