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Buddy Review: The Girl Who Never Was

Skylar Dorset

the girl who never was coverTHE GIRL WHO NEVER WAS is the story of Selkie Stewart, who thinks she’s a totally normal teenager growing up in Boston. Sure, her father is in an insane asylum, her mother left her on his doorstep—literally—when she was a baby, and she’s being raised by two ancient aunts who spend their time hunting gnomes in their Beacon Hill townhouse. But other than that her life is totally normal! She’s got an adventurous best friend who’s always got her back and an unrequited crush on an older boy named Ben. Just like any other teenager, right?
When Selkie goes in search of the mother she’s never known, she gets more than she bargained for. It turns out that her mother is faerie royalty, which would make Selkie a faerie princess—except for the part where her father is an ogre, which makes her only half of anything. Even more confusing, there’s a prophecy that Selkie is going to destroy the tyrannical Seelie Court, which is why her mother actually wants to kill her. Selkie has been kept hidden all her life by her adoring aunts, with the help of a Salem wizard named Will. And Ben. Because the boy she thinks she’s in love with turns out to be a faerie whose enchantment has kept her alive, but also kept her in the dark about her own life.
Now, with enchantments dissolved and prophecies swinging into action, Selkie finds herself on a series of mad quests to save the people she’s always loved and a life she’s learning to love. But in a supernatural world of increasingly complex alliances and distressingly complicated deceptions, it’s so hard to know who to trust. Does her mother really wish to kill her? Would Will sacrifice her for the sake of the prophecy? And does Ben really love her or is it all an elaborate ruse? In order to survive, Selkie realizes that the key is learning—and accepting—who she really is

Posted by Caroline and Faye

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication Date: June 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Age: YA
Reviewer: Faye & Caroline
Source: BEA14
Challenge: Debut author
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Hidden Among Us

Katy Moran

hidden among usWhen Lissy meets a mysterious and strangely beautiful boy on her way to Hopesay Edge, she is deeply unsettled by their encounter.
She discovers that they boy, Larkspur, is a member of the Hidden, an ancient group of elven people, whose secrets lie buried at Hopesay Reach. Before long, Lissy and her brother Rafe find themselves caught by a powerful magic and fighting to escape a bargain that can never be broken.

Cloistered and wrapped in cotton wool by Miriam, her over protective mother, Lissy embarks on her first act of rebellion. Rather than wait for her mother to collect her she decides to take the train alone to Hopesay Reach, the home of her eccentric uncle and the place she was born.

Lissy experiences warm feelings of triumph at the success of her step towards independence, until she is forced to get off at an unfamiliar station. Dark and deserted in the middle of nowhere, the station boasts just one other patron; a stunningly beautiful, boy. A stranger, who sparks feelings of recognition within her and disappears moments after whispering her name.

The next time she meets the gorgeous but mysterious Larkspur she feels compelled to take his hand, following him into the nearby woods to a gathering of beautiful revelers. He takes hold of her and they begin to dance…

I might have misled you into thinking that Hidden Among Us is Lissy’s story. In fact Lissy shares the first person narration with three other characters. Her protective but emotionally distant older brother Rafe is attempting to unravel the secrets, which have confused and frustrated him his entire life. Joe begrudgingly gets caught up in the drama at Hopesay Reach by virtue of his fathers developing relationship with Miriam and his innate sense of honour.

Although a much smaller contribution, I really loved Miriam’s input in to the story. Simultaneously providing us with the background and history of her family’s interactions with the Hidden, while also keeping us ever aware of the current, time sensitive situation. It was refreshing to read a paranormal book where the parents were fully aware of the developing situation and not conveniently absent or lied to throughout.

If you are expecting a tale of glitter and of wishes bestowed by be-winged godmothers you will be horrified (but definitely not disappointed)to discover the true nature of the “good folk”… This immortal elfin race, might be stunningly beautiful, but their beauty is very much skin deep. These truth twisting, iron avoiding, bargain making, kidnappers of babies have their own agenda and are definitely advocates of the bigger picture.

While the book’s cover hints at the atmospheric story within, I was definitely not expecting fast paced action, evasive driving techniques, daring roof top escapes and the unwelcomed attentions of a sinister, underground organisation.

The Hidden have be described in the blurb as a group of Elven people. At first I couldn’t understand why, when all other clues point to it, they weren’t simply described as Fey or Faeries. Having read the book I now understand that to label the book as such (a paranormal book with faeries) could potentially put off a large number of readers who, if they gave themselves the opportunity to, would absolutely adore this action filled fantasy.

Verdict: The twists and turns of Hidden Among Us, indicates that author, Katy Moran may have spent a little time with the elven herself! I will definitely be picking up a copy of the sequel.

Reviewed by Caroline

Publisher: Walker
Publication Date: March 2013
Format: ARC
Pages: 304
Genre: Paranormal
Age: YA
Reviewer: Caroline
Source: Provided by publisher
Challenge: British book
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