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Miss Dorothy-Jane Was Ever So Vain

Julie Fulton

miss dorothy janeMiss Dorothy-Jane was ever so vain.
She stared in the mirror for hours.
Was her hair brushed just right? Was her jumper to tight?
Would her hair look much better with flowers?

This has everything my girls like in a story; brightly coloured, fun pictures, a humorous, rhyming story and plenty to talk about. Dorothy-Jane likes to look nice and wants to be noticed. When the Queen is coming to Hamilton Shady she chooses her best outfit so that she will be chosen to welcome her to the village. Dorothy-Jane then has several near misses trying to keep her clothes clean, but when her dog falls in the pond will she sacrifice her appearance to save him? Well I am going to put in a spoiler and tell you that she does, in the end, rescue her dog and the villagers are so impressed that for this reason she is chosen to welcome the Queen to the village.

We all enjoyed laughing over the near misses with the seagull who nearly pooped on Dorothy Jane and the car that nearly splashed her. I liked the moral message in here that your actions are more important than your appearance and we had a good chat about why Dorothy-Jane deserved to meet the Queen.

Verdict: This is another in a great series of books by Julie Fulton and it didn’t disappoint.

Reviewed by Helen

Publisher:Maverick Arts
Publication Date: September 2013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 23
Genre: Picture book
Age: Picure book
Reviewer: Helen
Source: Provided by publisher
Challenge: British book
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Tabitha Posy Is Ever So Nosy

Julie Fulton and Jona Jung(illustrator)

tabitha posyTabitha was a nosey child, always asking questions and giving no-one any peace. A trip to the zoo however may change that a little bit but who knows?

We were given this and as soon as she laid eyes on it my just three year old wanted it read to her. We read it, and read it again and have now read it quite a few times since. As it is written in rhyme and I find those stories very catchy I am nearly at the point where I can recite it all! But the point is that she loves it!

This is a picture book with humour and plenty to talk about on every page. Tabitha Posy is so nosey that the neighbours hide from her, even leaving shoes on the steps like Cinderella in their efforts to get away. She is never where she is meant to be, or paying attention to what she should be; she lies on the classroom floor looking at a spider whilst her teacher is talking. She doesn’t take any notice of instructions, preferring to find out for herself; climbing into the tiger enclosure at the zoo to see if the tiger has been fed, and (as my daughter will tell you) with the big bad wolf watching (greedily!). Her desire to know leads her into big trouble! Much of these things are told as much through the pictures as through the text and it is definitely the eye-catching, colourful and funny illustrations that have grabbed my daughter’s attention and her comments.

As I mentioned the story is told in rhyme and is easy to read. Again there is humour and fun for adults and children. Tabitha does get eaten by the tiger (very funny picture) and is in his tummy until she tickles him with a feather and he doesn’t like it so he spits her out. She then has to have a shower from an elephant to clean her up! Brilliant! I loved the imagination in this. In the end there is a moral to the story as Tabitha concedes she should use books to find out some things and not first hand experience. You could make up your own morals too, if you wished to discuss with your child listening and doing what they are told! The humour in this means the moral side is not overly prominent.

Verdict: This book has gone down a treat in our house, I’ll be keeping an eye out for any more in this series.

Publisher: Maverick Arts
Publication Date: February 2013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Genre: Picture book
Age: Picture book
Reviewer: Helen
Source: Received from publisher
Challenge: British book
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