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TTT: Top Ten Hyped Books I’ve Never Read

toptentuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the wonderful, list making gurus, The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they publish a new Top Ten list and invite their fellow book bloggers, bloggers and bookworms to join in.

So many books so little time…

Probably a bibliophiles number one frustration. I know that there are so many books that I am really desperate to read and there just aren’t enough reading hours in my day/week/month. Realistically I know that even in some wonderful alternate utopian universe where I could sit around all day reading and eating chocolate without any detriment to my health, family life or mortgage, there still wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to read everything that’s been recommended to me or otherwise caught my attention. On the most part I’ve made my peace with it.

There are the hyped books that I know that I’ll probably never get around to reading, mainly because that are not to my personal taste, from a genre I rarely read or, despite all of the hype, they just don’t speak to me.

I haven’t read any post Potter Rowling, I’m sorry, i’m just not gripped by the subject matter, its not a genre I particularly enjoy and I just don’t see myself ever reading any of Jk’s alter ego, Robert Galbraith. The same goes for other hyped and phenomenally successful writers like Stephen King and Nicolas Sparks. Despite my love of the associated TV series, I can’t see myself diving in to George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series anytime soon.

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I read predominantly for pleasure, to unwind and to escape. My tastes reflect this. I’m unlikely to pick up the latest literary fiction masterpiece no matter that it has as many layers as an onion and is making an important political statement or comment on society.

I love and repeatedly devour some classic books over and over but I’m not ashamed to admit that I like the prodomenty romantic works of Austin and the Bronte sisters. I read and enjoyed Stienbek in school, but Its not one I imagine snuggling down on my sofa to read with a chocolate digestive and a cuppa. If you enjoy War and Peace with your pinot that cool, but Tolstoy is not my bag.

Do you know what, thats ok. We are all different, we read for different reasons, and our interests are sparked by different things.

What I am really embarrassed about are my book collecting tendencies. Part magpie (attracted to all the pretty things), part dragon (hoarding all of the books), not only have I not read these ten fantastically hyped books, I have not read these ten fanatically books that I own!

In no particular order
eleanor and parkgraceling
a discovery of witchesshadow and bonemaya dyer
angelfallpantomimePercy jacksonthe askpeter pan

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How do you manage your TBR?
My current strategy is to pile them all on to their very own bookcase behind a door and then pile laundry in front of it! Ok I confess thats more of a house keeping fail than a well though out strategy.

How do you decide which books you are going to read next and which you will save for a “rainy day”?

Which of these books do you think I need to bump to the top of my reading list?

Are you also part magpie, part dragon or are you ruthless in the management of your TBR?

Are there any books that you have resigned yourself to never read?

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Happy Birthday Top Ten Tuesday

toptentuesdayFive years ago the the wonderful, list making gurus, The Broke and the Bookish created the fantastic weekly meme,
Top Ten Tuesday

Each week they publish their top ten list on a different bookish subject and invite fellow book bloggers, vloggers and lovers to join in.

Although this is the first time Big Book Little Book, has ever taken part in this wonderful, inclusive feature, it is one I have enjoyed following for many years. Top Ten Tuesday is a fantastic and easy way to find and get to know new blogs, discover new authors, explore unfamiliar genres and learn about old, new and upcoming book releases.

To celebrate the features fifth anniversary this week we have been asked to discuss,
My Favourite Top Ten Topics.

In no particular order.

1.Top Ten Childhood Favourites
This was the topic that started it all. Click here to read the very first Top Ten Tuesday post from 2010. I love the feelings of nostalgia that this topic inspires. Comparing notes with like minded people, seeing how different bookworms were inspired and moulded by different reading experiences. looking at the differences between childhood from different decades ( Yes, I’m that old!), and those classic books which are universally loved.

3.Favourite Covers
I’ve admitted it before and I’m not ashamed to repeat it- I do judge a book by its cover! I’m a total magpie and I love to add shiny pretty things to my book collection. This topic, along with features like Cover Love, collects the gorgeous art in one convenient place, a virtual literary art gallery if you will. I love seeing how peoples tastes vary and different people see beauty in different things. I’m also not adverse to sniggering at awful book covers, but thats a topic for another day.

4.Favourite Book Blogs
None of us have unlimited resources, When resources are limited The main way I decide how to spend my time and money is through recommendations and reviews. Wether that be a book, film, service and product reviews. Those that I take the most notice of are by people I know and who’s opinions I trust. I have found that the best way to discover new things

5.Top Ten X Genre
A fantastic way to explore new to you genres, bond over old favourites and add to your ever growing wish list.

6.Bookish Pet Peeves
As much as it is wonderful to bond through mutual interests, and the enjoyment of things that we love, there is nothing quiet like bonding over mutual irritation. I think that that might be the most english sentence I’ve ever written! lol
Click here to watch Bookish Brit, Carly’s fantastic video about her least favourite YA clich├ęs . I guarantee that you will find yourself nodding along.

7.Books I HAD to buy but haven’t read yet
The saying, my eyes are to big for my belly, or rather my TBR is too big for my leasure time, completely applies to me and my book hoarding tendancies. Any of these TBR (To Be Read)/unread/unfinished topics make me feel better about my own mountainous pile.

8.Books you loved but never wrote a review for
This appeals to my innately lazy side. Why read/write an entire review when you can get the labour saving version. A great way to give books exposure.

9.Top ten Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter TBR
I love discovering which books my virtual friends are prioritising from their TBR’s, which review I can look forward to reading, discovering books I might have otherwise missed and comparing with my own TBR.

10.Top Ten Books I’d Love To See As Movies/Tv Shows
While we all know that the book is always better ;), there is nothing quiet like an upcoming book to film/tv series adaptation to raise the profile of our favourite reads and get fandom buzzing. This recent topic generated some really interesting posts.

For more information about this feature, links to hundreds of participating blogs and to check out a genuinely fantastic book blog visitThe Broke and the Bookish (here)

I really recommend that you check out some my favourite Top Ten Tuesday participants. Simply click on the names to take you to their fabulous blogs.

Michelle @ Flutterong Butterflies
Our very own Faye @ A Daydreamers Thoughts
Rosy @ The Review Diaries
Jim @ Ya Yeah Yea

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