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Create Your Own Spy Mission Blog Tour

We are delighted to be joined today by co authors Andrew and Chris Judge.
Welcome to Doodle…where you draw the story. Help finish characters, build up the town and design a GIANT ICE CREAM POWERED robot to fight off…the SUPER villains that you doodle! Doodles get into LOTS of trouble. Watch out, it is up to you to doodle them out of it!

What made you decide to work on the Create Your Own Adventure series?
Chris: Our editor in Scholastic, David Maybury, had given me the idea of a story book that the reader could draw in, and asked me to come up with a pitch for it. I asked Andrew to help me out over a weekend, to come up with a story.
Andrew: We’ve been making comics and stories together for years, so we were used to throwing ideas at each other.
C: Andrew came back with the first chapter and an outline for the rest of the book. So I sent that to David and he liked it!
A: And then they couldn’t get rid of me.

Do you both write and draw or does one of you write and one of you draw?
A: For this series, I do the writing and Chris does the drawings. I know what Chris likes to draw.
C: And also what I can’t draw.
A: Ha Ha! Yes, that’s why all my character descriptions have spindly legs and black shoes, because I know you don’t like drawing legs and shoes.

If you were a spy, what kind of mission would you like to go on?
C: I would like to do a space spying mission.
A: I would like to go spying in Google, to see the room where they keep the internet.

Will there be another Create Your Own Adventure book? What will it be about this time?
A: Yes we are halfway through the third one, with a fourth also planned.
C: Are we allowed to say it’s about Superheroes?
A: No.

If you had to choose between being a spy or an alien, what would you choose?
C: I’d be an Alien Spy.
A: I can imagine Sigourney Weaver being chased by an alien with a false moustache and a trenchcoat.

Do you ever finish the stories yourselves?
A: No, because I live with a seven year old who finishes them for me, and he’s much better at it then I am.
C: If I finished it, then it would just be a normal book, illustrated by Chris Judge.

Where is your favourite place to write and/or draw?
A: I love to write on my private island in the Caribbean. Otherwise the bus on my way home from work.
C: I like to draw relaxing by my pond.

When you’re not working on these books, what do you do with yourselves?
C: I do commercial illustration work, big artworks for schools and hospitals. And I make picture books for younger children like The Lonely Beast. I also do the Danger Is Everywhere series with David O’Doherty.
A: During the day, I’m an architect, which is basically like making books, except with with Building Regulations.

markandnickChris Judge is an award winning picture book author/illustrator (THE LONELY BEAST, TIN) and co-author, with comedian David O’Doherty, of DANGER IS EVERYWHERE. Chris’s work continues to feature in advertising, newspapers, magazines and exhibitions in the UK and Ireland.
Learn more about Chris by visiting his website here or alternatively converse with him on Twitter here
Andrew Judge has written and illustrated countless short stories and comics with his brother Chris, including regular features for arts and culture magazines Mongrel and Totally Dublin. Andrew lives and works as an architect in Ireland. Visit Andrew’s website (here) to learn more about his work or make contact on Twitter (here). Find out even more about Create Your Own Spy Mission Visit more

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Jessica Cole’s Ten Favourite Locations

We are delighted to introduce you to Jessica Cole, supermodel and spy, and her creator, Sarah Sky.
Catwalk Criminal, the third book in the Model Spy series, will be published by Scholastic on the 4th of June 2015.

Catwalk Criminal coverModels, spies and lipstick gadgets in this fast-paced teen series. Jessica Cole has been recruited to Westwood, MI6’s secret division of supermodel spies. Her first official mission seems simple at first, until it turns into the biggest cyber-attack ever known, threatening the security of the whole country. Then it emerges there is a traitor in the midst at MI6 – and suddenly Jessica herself is being accused. With no one believing her innocence, and the country on the verge of chaos, Jessica has no choice but to take matters of national security into her own hands and catch the culprit – fresh from the catwalk.

1 MI6 HQ, London

The giant building on the River Thames is nicknamed Legoland by the spies who work in it. Such is the secrecy of the sister organisation to MI5, that the British government didn’t admit its existence until 1994.

Jessica often visits HQ for briefings with her Westwood handler and godfather, Nathan Hall. It’s also where all her amazing gadgets are designed. In Catwalk Criminal she gets to see the inside of a secret comms room, which Westwood agents haven’t been allowed inside before.

2 The Shard, London

This is the location of Jessica’s first official mission for Westwood at the start of Catwalk Criminal, so she feels a special connection to the landmark building. Designed by the Italian architect, Renzo Piano, the 1,016 ft glass skyscraper is Western Europe’s tallest building.

Jessica’s taking part in a fashion show at The Shard to showcase the best of British fashion, while also attempting to stop a Ministry of Defence boffin from selling the blueprint for a driverless armoured vehicle to a third party. Unfortunately, the mission goes horribly wrong…

3 Claridges, London

The luxury five star hotel in Mayfair dates back to 1856 and is one of the finest examples of Art Deco style. It’s been favoured by royalty and celebrities over the years.

Jessica’s treated to afternoon tea here as she and top fashion designer, Ossa Cosway, are interviewed by a Teen Vogue journalist. Jessica would normally love the cream cakes – but her mind’s on other things as London has come under attack by cyber terrorists and MI6 believes she’s to blame…

4 Somerset House, Strand, London

The BFC Courtyard Show at Somerset House is the main venue for London Fashion Week. Top models from all over the world are flown in for shows at London Fashion Week, which is a highpoint in the international fashion calendar. Jessica’s walking for Ossa Cosway as she’s his new muse, but danger lurks around every corner, even on the catwalk…

5 Ealing, West London

Jessica lives in Ealing with her dad, former MI6 agent, Jack Cole. Her grandmother, Mattie, lives nearby. Her favourite haunts include Ealing Studios, where she and her best friend, Becky, attempt to get a glimpse of famous actors filming their shows. She’s a frequent visitor to Cafe Panorama, where she often meets her boyfriend, Jamie.

6 Portobello Market, West London

Jessica loves vintage clothes shopping with Becky in Notting Hill and this is the place to go. It’s the world’s largest antiques market, with over 1,000 dealers. On Sundays, Portobello Green has a market selling mainly vintage clothes. Jessica likes to mix up her vintage clothes purchases with finds from High Street stores such as TopShop.

7 Monaco

In Fashion Assassin, Jessica was a guest on board a Russian oligarch’s super yacht, moored in Monaco harbour. She was able to soak up the atmosphere of the highly competitive super rich, but could never let her guard down as she was working undercover. She got to see the ‘off limits’ area of the Grimaldi Palace too – pity she was being chased at the time…

8 Paris

Paris is one of Jessica’s favourite cities for sightseeing and fashion – there’s lots of vintage clothes’ shops and beautiful fashion show venues. Jessica modelled here for Couture Week in Code Red Lipstick – but used it as a ruse to get to the capital city to try and find her private investigator dad who vanished while hunting for a missing scientist.

9 New York

Jessica visits this amazing city in Fashion Assassin – she’s been handpicked by a top photographer to appear in a fashion spread alongside rising star, Kat Ingorokva. The photoshoot is on top of the Flatiron Building in Manhatten – one of the tallest buildings in the city. She also gets ‘invited’ to lunch at the luxury hotel, the Waldorf Astoria, where a nasty surprise awaits her.

10 Cornwall

Jessica often holidays here with her dad and the place will always have fond memories for her. Great beaches, surfing and cream teas – and no-one trying to kill her or set her up for a crime she didn’t commit. The perfect getaway for a spy. There’s probably a few holidaying there this summer…

Post by Sarah Sky

sarah sky picture website (here), Goodreads author’s page (here) or Twitter account

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